MKL Breath of Life

Established in 2015, MKL Breath of Life Foundation (the Foundation) is a non-profitable organization based and registered in Hong Kong as MKL Breath of Life Foundation Limited, with the key objectives to increase the awareness of respiratory disease and to provide support to respiratory patients in Hong Kong.

The Foundation has three guiding principles:

provide support to patients with respiratory diseases for rehabilitation and gaining of quality of life;

assign higher priority to support patients through the provision of devices or equipments;

ease the financial stress of the patients given that these are usually not covered by public funding

Administration of the Foundation
The Foundation considers the applications from patients, who must be permanent residents of Hong Kong and diagnosed with respiratory diseases, with no means test.

The Board of Directors calls for advice from Medical Advisors, who review medical history and make recommendations on eligibility of support. The recommendation is based on the medical needs and an assessment as to value of devices or equipments required throughout the treatment of or rehabilitation from the respiratory disease.

The Referring Physician, who must be a Respiratory Specialist or a Registered Medical Practitioner licensed to practice in Hong Kong working under the supervision of a Respiratory Specialist, will write a letter to the Medical Advisors describing the background of each application.

The Foundation will not provide direct monetary support to the patients. Upon recommending by the Medical Advisors, the Foundation will either purchase the equipment on behalf of the patient, or offer rentals for a fixed period of time, subject to renewal.

The Board of Directors will ensure prompt processing of the application with the pledge to give the definitive reply within 4 weeks.

How to apply?

Please fill in the application form and return to or fax to 2420 9429. Our team will get in touch with you shortly.
Contact us

Phone—2485 5275
Fax—2420 9429